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Transform your vision into aN acrylic or metal print


With DecoWallz there is no substitute for quality. We strive to create the highest value Acrylic and Metal prints which serve a variety of purposes. Whether to accent a room in your home, lighten up an office space, promote a gallery, or as inspiration in an establishment, we have the image, size and style you need. Decowallz is your to go for art deco that shines with sophistication and elegance. 

Our particular focus on Acrylic and Metal prints makes us a leading choice for interior design. With high quality equipment and inks, a curated service, and passionate customer care, we know how to offer the best product at competitive pricing.

At Decowallz we stand by our products and excellent customer service. We have high standards and want to ensure you are completely satisfied with your final print. With easy access to communication, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our representatives are available at consultation, 1-877-234-4466, or



Sophisticated acrylic prints

Acrylic Prints - in basic terms is - pictures on glass.

It is an exciting medium that permits printing of any photo onto an acrylic panel. Large Acrylic Prints are more luminous and intense in comparison to other printing methods. Colors are more vivid and glossy with a higher contrast resolution.

Our method of printing on a special photo paper, then using optical bonding to cover it with our signature Acrylic leads to unmatched color contrast and clarity. The white-out backing, and lightweight feel makes it an easy choice to the usual heavy substrate encased Acrylics found in the market. Acrylic prints cater to the cliental who desire colour accuracy and finesse on a sleek and strong print medium.



Elegant metal prints

For a contemporary style, photographs on METAL is ideal.

Unlike Acrylic Prints, the outcome is a matte versus the shiny gloss, allowing for stark contours and rich colours. That is, unless you opt for our varnish.

By printing on dibond with aluminum siding, we create a durable, rigid 3/16th substrate that highlights your digital images. Metal prints can withstand outdoor environments and we offer two pristine options.

Brushed Metal - The "matte" look

A rich metal piece with brushed contours. Its organic form shines through clear or white areas of an image. Colour images are just as deep and exciting.

White Metal - High contrast ratio for vivid colours

Our new white metal prints are for those who do not prefer the brushed effect and desire clear colour displays.


Wall art is our Passion

DecoWallz aims to provide quality wall Décor that is easy to install, durable and guaranteed to make a stance.

We strive to create wall art that is affordableattractive and user friendly. By constantly experimenting with the latest print mediums, we found our two favourites - Acrylic and Metal - and never looked back! These stunning pieces are an amazing way to bring any space alive. Not only did we find the best mediums and superb printing methods, we took the time to curate the best images for your personal selection. From natural landscapes, to the inner workings of cities, we have a multitude of choices to meet any preference. 


We are dedicated and passionate towards customer service and want you to be completely happy with your print. If for whatever reason our art deco does not meet your expectations, please contact us immediately and we will make it right.


Discover with categories

Looking though an endless supply of images is exhausting to say the least. That is why we have curated our collection into categoires for your viewing pleasure and shopping experience. Choose your own masterpiece from our wide range of selection and design. Each image on Acrylic or Metal is meticulously engineered to convey the quality our customers have grown to expect from Decowallz.


Custom Acrylic and Metal Prints

Big Acrylic

For custom prints visit our partner site Big ACrylic

If you have your own image and would like to design a custom Acrylic or Metal print, please visit