New York City

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About New York City Wall Mural

As one of the most recognizable and iconic cities in the world, New York City remains one of the most popular destination subjects for photography. The mere size and diversity of Gotham makes for an unlimited array of images to capture what it means to be in the Big Apple. Our breathtaking New York City wall murals offer stunning glimpses into the various corners of a great American city.

The variety afforded from New York City means your personal tastes will be well-served by several murals from the selection. Choose among the picturesque images of the city’s bridges or the unmistakably calm confines of Central Park, each photo is of the highest quality and perfect for bringing the spectacle of New York City wherever you are.

These large and vibrant New York City wall murals are what you’ve come to expect from DecoWallz — perfectly presented, meticulously printed, and easy to install. Just choose your favorite image and enjoy your very own wall mural of one of the most beautiful and most photographed metropolises on earth. 

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