See It Before You Buy It

Send us a picture of your room and we'll show you how the wall mural will look!

How it works

​Simply send us a couple of pictures of your room along with the image you want to use as a wall mural and we'll fuse the two pictures so you can see how your room will look before you buy the wall mural.   This way, you'll know exactly what you're getting and you can try different looks to see which wall mural works best for you room.  Fill in the form below and we'll return your photo with the wall mural in 2 days.


How to take a good picture of your room

For best results, take a few pictures of the wall you want to place the mural on.  Take 3 or 4 shots from different angles and get the entire wall. Stand at least  2 feet away from the wall and if you can, try to move obstacles likes tables, plants or small furniture.  If you're using an iPhone or another smart phone, disable the flash and set the image quality to at least 2MP.


Upload your photos here 



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