What is DecoWallz' self-adhesive woven fabric?

The wondrous feature of the self-adhesive woven fabric is its simplicity. No additional adhesives are necessary and the fabric is able to be reused. The overall feel of the fabric is that of a thin canvas material. The matte finish allows for a wealth of decorating options in any home or office setting

How long will my mural stay up for?

The duration of the self-adhesive wall mural panels varies based on the surface on which it is applied. Generally speaking, the panels will last – not weeks or months – but years.

Can I apply my murals outdoors?

Murals are able to withstand the rigors of outside weather when certain precautions are taken for the most extreme conditions. Cold weather does little to affect the adhesive or the material of the panel. Extremely hot climates may cause the adhesive to last a time shorter than usual but only in the hottest, most relentless sun. Prolonged exposure to direct UV light from the sun can cause the colors in the panels to fade over time. To prevent fading, spray a protective laminate over the mural for best results and an outdoor mural that will last and last

Do I need any tools to install my wall mural?

With each mural sold we include 2 cutting knives to remove excess material, a spray bottle which you will need to moisten up your walls and 2 material flatteners which will help smooth out any wrinkles.

Can I hang my new wall mural over my existing wall paper?

It is possible to mount your mural panels over wallpaper but the best results are achieved when the panels are fixed to smooth, flat, and consistent wall surfaces.

How do I clean my wall mural?

Cleaning your mural is as simple as wiping gently with a moist cloth. Do not use any abrasive material.

Can I hang my wall mural against a wall that isn't flat?

Your wall mural will be able to be installed on a variety of surfaces but we highly recommend a smooth and consistent one. Walls that are excessively rough will cause you problems with installation and may limit the duration of the application.

Can I hang my wall mural in the bathroom?

The panels of your mural are able to withstand moist areas of your home provided the installation is performed on a completely dry surface. If you choose to install your mural in an area that will often be moist, protect the panels with a spray-on laminate to ensure the quality of the fabric. Direct application of water (as in a shower or other area that is likely to be sprayed or submerged) is discouraged as the direct wetness will degrade the adhesive holding the mural panels to the surface.

How do I remove my wall mural?

Removal is simple. Start the removal by peeling one corner of the panel from the wall with your fingernail or another sharp tool. If you plan to reapply the panel, be sure to take care so as to not damage the panel during removal.

Should I worry about damaging my walls when removing the mural?

Provided the mural was installed on a completely dry surface, removal will not damage the wall or the paint underneath. Some minor flecking may occur during removal but your surface is safe from severe damage.

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