Design Your Own Wall Mural

Create your own wall mural in less than 1 minute.


Wall Paper is a great way to change the complextion of any room, but for a truly jaw-dropping experience, a custom wall mural that's larger than life is the way to go!

At DecoWallz, we let you be your own designer!  From family portraits to corporate logo’s, we’ve done it all. Our easy to follow process gives you the ability to upload your own photo, customize the size, and add options. It’s really that easy!


Step 1 - Measure Wall

For best results, use 2 people to measure your wall. Start at the bottom corner and move accross horizontally. For the vertical direction (height) make sure you don't count the mouldings at the top and bottom of the wall. Make sure to measure in INCHES. 


Step 2- Select a Picture

You can buy a photo or use your own. Just make sure it's high quality and at least 1200 px wide. The larger the wall mural you want, the better the image quality you need.  Don't worry, we check every image before printing, so if there are any issues, we'll let you know before we start. We also offer free design services!.


Step 3 Checkout

Use our 1 minute checkout service to upload, customize and pay for your wall mural. Everything is done online on our custom wall mural page


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