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DecoWallz- Custom Wall Murals


Change the look & feel of your room with a Life Size Wall Mural

With DecoWallz you can create a life size wall mural from ANY IMAGE. Our peel and stick wall murals are easy to hang, easy to clean and don’t contain any toxins. Made for the DIYers, DecoWallz wall murals are the perfect accent piece for your home, commercial and retail property.
Get a Custom Wall Mural Now or browse one our ready to order designs

Make Your Wall Your Personal Canvas

There is no substitute for quality which is why we make it our most solemn purpose to create the highest-quality wallpaper to serve a wide variety of our customer’s needs.

Our peel and stick wallpaper is vibrant and crafted to make positioning and repositioning a breeze. These brilliant prints can be made into wall murals, decorative ceiling panels, or graphic trade-show displays.

Quality means durability. Our wallpaper is designed to be used and reused by our customers – that means it won’t rip, wrinkle, shrink or curl and become unmanageable. Our satisfied customers have come to count on our reliability and we build quality in every piece we deliver. We print using Eco solvent inks with an Epson GS 6000 machine for the best possible results.

Our Service

We match our premium product quality with a devotion to customer service that is second to none. Our customer’s satisfaction is our highest priority. We make it possible for each client to contact us through a variety of channels. Send us an email or call us on the phone, our highly-trained staff of professional customer service representatives are ready to answer your questions and ensure that your needs are met efficiently 7 days a week.

Choosing an image can be a daunting task but our service agents are courteous, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic in seeing your precise specifications applied. Customers can choose exact sizing and tailor their wallpaper to fit exactly into the space you intend.

We also offer a 'see it before you buy it' service. You can send us pictures of your wall, and select a wall mural, and we'll send you the image on your wall. This way you can see the product before you buy it. Click here to try it.

We are available 7 days a week to respond to your inquiries and begin your next project. If you want a free consultation, just contact us here

Our Customers

We serve a variety of demanding customers and consistently live up to our reputation for delivering the highest-quality products in the world. Our clients range from discriminating professionals who have grown to trust our craftsmanship to private customers who rely upon our enduring service and industry-leading standards of quality. Whether decorating your home or office, professional public exhibit or private and personal space, our products remain a premier choice for quality and outstanding customer service.

We take pride in our ability to guide you through each phase of the ordering process and in our ability to deliver on the promise of being the very best at what we do.

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